Worlds Beyond demo

This is just a little taste of what we’ve put together; it includes a small town populated by backers who have chosen the NPC reward tiers (design an NPC character to be included in the game) as well as a few monsters to fight. There's a nasty monster inhabiting the place; figure out how to get him out of our town!

Get the demo!

Platform Get it!
Linux Follow the instructions at
Other/Browser Keep reading below!


  • Arrow keys: Move around
  • Enter: Confirm/interact
  • Backspace: Cancel
  • Escape: Enter/exit menu

When you’re about to be attacked in battle, you’ll notice a short pause in the attack animation. Press ‘confirm’ to block the attack! The same goes when you are attacking. Wait for the pause, ‘confirm’, and strike a critical blow!

A few of the game’s skills and items are also available for you to play with and equip. You won’t be able to save in this demo, however.

We’ll be updating the demo now and then to include more backer NPC characters, including the currently “gone fishing” innkeeper and shopkeeper. Have fun!


Unless you use Google Chrome for the in-browser demo, performance will be subpar at best. You have been warned!!! We are not responsible for your Android phone overheating trying to run this sucker!
Also, don't mind the bugs, this is a very early pre-alpha release! We just want to show you our progress on the engine!


Click here to launch the demo!


Be patient, it can take a bit to load the first time!

Thanks for playing!