Play the demo!

Hi all! We are excited to announce that we have been working on, and are ready to show, a playable demo of our Kickstarter town for Worlds Beyond!

Come play it in the browser, or download the Windows version here:

Resource loading challenges and solutions

Hey all!

Throughout the course of developing a game engine, I've been over countless issues. So many moving parts! The thing is, I rarely talk about what I'm doing. I'd like to change that though, so this is my attempt to communicate some of the inner workings of the engine, and my own thoughts on it.

Added some flair to the site! 8)

Hey y'all!

I just wanted to post that I updated the site theme a bit (as I'm sure you can tell)! I'm also working on building a forum so we can have our little section of the web to talk about Worlds Beyond! We want to hear what you like about what you have seen so far, or maybe what you're missing... Whatever!

I will be opening user registration to this site in the coming days when I get all that stuff figured out between everything else going on! Until then I hope you're telling your friends about Worlds Beyond because we indie devs need (and love) you!!

Juicy new info!

Hey all! Just wanted to let everybody know that there's a bunch of new content over at the Worlds Beyond page. That includes new character info, a ton of new stuff on the various locations of the Known World, and more! And as usual, we'll be updating often, so keep checking back.

1K mark!

We just cracked the $1,000 mark on our Kickstarter campaign! That's almost as awesome as you guys are. :) We still have a long way to go, though! Let's keep this thing going, spread the word however you can!


Hey guys! Exciting news. Our Kickstarter campaign just went live, you can check it out and all its exciting rewards here:

Let's rock this thing. :) Expect a lot of big updates in the coming month!

All systems go!

Hey folks! Josiah here, artist/musician/writer/dishwasher extraordinaire. Just checking in on the fancy new site, hope you guys are enjoying the content so far! There is much more to come as we flesh things out and add more tasty info, so keep an eye on us! :3

Kickstarter project... submitted! Awesome Retro RPG goodness... imminent!

Hi lovely folks,

We have finally gotten all of our t's crossed and our i's dotted; the Kickstarter project has been submitted for review! Soon, indie RPG goodness will be available with very enticing rewards and stretch goals, to boot!

We will hear back in a couple of days when the project is approved, and then we'll be counting on you to help make our retro RPG an experience that won't be forgotten!

Check out our new project page!

The Worlds Beyond project page has been updated with a plethora of new information and assets!

Read the lore, view the bestiary gallery and the main characters!

We hope you will enjoy the content, and remember, this is only the beginning! We will be fleshing out everything more in the coming days, so make sure you keep checking back! ;)

Official Worlds Beyond Kickstarter trailer footage released on YouTube!

Check out the shiny new trailer for our new game, Worlds Beyond. This is part of the promotion for the game's Kickstarter page, which will be live shortly as well.

Spread the word, every little bit helps us!

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